The Deepdene contest to win the Delancy UK Schools Chess Challenge Trophy is underway!

The first round, with 12 budding chess players taking part, took place at Deepdene on Friday 22nd January. Following rounds will take place over the next 6 weeks. Strict contest rules are adhered to with the 6 matches being adjudicated by Mr Gane.

All children received a super contest badge to wear. On each badge there is space to add gold spots as various levels of points are achieved.

The overall victor will win the UK Schools Chess Challenge Trophy. Those achieving 17 points will go on to a Megafinal, one of several to be held in April/May – venue and date to be announced.

Congratulations to Noah in year 1 for securing a very good draw against Sid Hyland who is 2 years his senior!

Points are accumulated as follows:

Win – 3 points
Draw – 2 points
Lost – 1 point
Bye (If an opponent is absent) – 3 points
Absent – 0