A Meeting of Aspirations and Ethos

For some months now, Roedean and Deepdene have been in discussion about working together to share resources, talent, expertise and enthusiasm. This has grown out of our schools’ shared vision of education that is genuinely holistic. We have now developed an exciting partnership arrangement which will benefit pupils across both schools.

The Partnership Vision

We are an established Prep and Nursery School to the west of Brighton; Roedean is a thriving independent secondary school set in 45 acres of the South Downs, overlooking the English Channel to the east. Roedean already work in partnership with a number of other local schools at secondary and primary level and are keen to continue to build relationships with local schools. Working together over two sites, our schools, each with its own unique character will be able to enhance educational opportunity for all pupils.

While the partnership will benefit both schools, the opportunities for Deepdene are:

  1. Support from Roedean’s staff and leadership in terms of accountability and compliance at Deepdene.
  2. Sharing teacher training and development opportunities to share good practice, ensuring teachers continue to expand and develop their skills and enthusiasms.
  3. Developing masterclasses for our pupils alongside Roedean pupils to help preparation for the next phase of their education beyond Deepdene.
  4. Utilising the wonderful resources available at Roedean to enhance the delivery of sport, swimming, the arts and sciences.
  5. Hosting visits by Roedean staff and pupils to work together on reading, arts and sports projects with Deepdene pupils and teachers.

By working with Roedean in this way, the partnership will bring Deepdene support and stability which is necessary to develop, secure and enhance our small independently-owned school. It will also bring greater opportunity to every pupil. Our joint vision will enable Deepdene to continue to build on its unique identity and to share this with another great school. It will ensure that we can develop the quality of education at Deepdene and continue to offer a first class education.

A Grand Event

We will be sending you an invitation to attend our launch event which will be held on the evening of Wednesday 20th April 2016 at the Grand Hotel Brighton in the Empress Suite at 7:30 pm. This will be an opportunity to meet the Headmaster of Roedean, Oliver Blond and share our excitement about the future, answering any questions you might have. Please do come and hear about the future of Deepdene in association with Roedean and what this will mean for your child.

Elizabeth Brown, Head of Prep School
Nicola Gane, Head of Nursery School