Deepdene children are “polite, articulate and very respectful of visitors” and year 6 Pupils “perform at a considerably higher level than pupils of the same age in other schools”.

We were thrilled to welcome back Ofsted inspectors earlier this year, and are delighted to share with you the positive report which followed:

Dear Parents,

As you are aware from correspondence at the end of last term, on 6th July 2016 the school was visited by an Ofsted inspector for our anticipated progress monitoring inspection.   This visit followed the school’s full inspection in October 2015.  A progress monitoring inspection is always unannounced; however, we were very much hoping that our visit would take place before the end of the academic year and were delighted to welcome the inspector on his arrival.

Ofsted does not publish reports during school holidays; therefore, we were not able to disseminate any information until now.  With the report being published tomorrow, we are happy to be in a position to share the inspector’s findings with you.  We attach the full progress monitoring report for you to read.

We are extremely pleased with the outcomes of the inspection and feel that many statements made in the report are a much more accurate reflection of our school:

  • The wellbeing of our pupils is paramount to all staff at Deepdene.  We are pleased that in this report Ofsted has now publicly acknowledged that the safeguarding of pupils is a “strength of the school” and that leaders “exercise their duties skillfully and in a timely manner.”
  • Pupil progress and pupil outcomes are another key priority for our school.  We are delighted that Ofsted has addressed this in the progress monitoring inspection report.  During the course of the inspection, the lead Ofsted inspector found that our teachers assess “accurately” against “age-related expectations nationally in English and Mathematics”.  At the time of the visit we were able to share our end of Key Stage 2 results with the inspector who subsequently stated in the report that Deepdene pupils “perform at a considerably higher level than pupils of the same age in other schools.”  This has always been a priority for the school and we are delighted that this has now been recognised and is reflected in the report.
  • Regarding pupil behaviour, the Ofsted inspector confirmed that “All staff contributed to an over-arching atmosphere in the school which encourages pupils to behave extremely well” and that “Pupils are polite, articulate and very respectful of visitors.”  Once again, we feel that this is a more accurate reflection of our school.

These are just extracts from the full report which is attached, but they do reflect the positive feedback we received from Ofsted both during and after the inspection.  The DfE has written to us to confirm that we have met all regulatory standards and that they require no further action from the school. We will, as we always do, continue to strive for improvements in all areas of school life and we warmly thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Brown, Nicola Gane and Katherine Croucher
Headteacher, Head of Nursery and Deputy Headteacher