At Deepdene, we are committed to striving for the highest possible academic standards.  We also consider it important to acknowledge the unique educational journey that every individual pupil makes.  To judge the academic success of our school, we focus closely, although not exclusively, on the core subjects of English and Mathematics and measure two key indicators: pupil attainment and pupil progress from their individual starting points.  By exploring both of these measures, pupil attainment and pupil progress, we hold ourselves accountable to our school community.  Ongoing teacher assessment takes place throughout the school year.  To supplement these teacher judgements, we also assess our pupils in Year 1 to 6 in externally marked tests (GL Assessment). Our most recent tests were administered in the second half of the Summer Term 2016.

Whole School Results of our externally marked assessments (GL Assessment), Summer Term 2016:

While almost every child is working at or above the national average, many pupils at Deepdene are working within the academic range of the top 10% of students nationally. For Mathematics, the percentage of our students who are working at this level is 31%, while in English, it is even higher, at 41%. This means that almost half of our Literacy pupils and one third of our Mathematics pupils are within the top 10% in the country.

In terms of pupil progress, our pupils across the school in both English and Mathematics have performed extremely well.  Measured against the tests which the children sat in December, in both subjects almost every pupil in the school has made the expected progress, and the few exceptions to that were mainly due to the special circumstances of particular children. Not only that, but in Literacy over half of the cohort had made either “Higher Progress than Expected” or “Much Higher Progress than Expected”, while in Mathematics this figure was a massive 61%.

End of Key Stage 2 Results of our externally marked assessments (GL Assessment), Summer Term 2016:

Year 6 marks the end of Key Stage 2.  The performance of this year’s cohort in their externally assessed tests at the end of this key stage is extremely impressive. In Mathematics, over 80% and in English, a full 100% of pupils achieved scores above the national average. An incredible 54% of our Year 6 pupils achieved scores that placed them within the top 10% of pupils nationally in English.  

In terms of pupil progress as measured by the assessments, every single pupil in both English and Mathematics has made expected or even higher than expected progress this year. For a non-selective school these are truly excellent results.

We offer huge congratulations to all of our pupils who have worked so hard to achieve such wonderful results.  Our dedicated teachers must also be thanked for the enormous commitment and support they have shown this year.  Well done, Deepdene!

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