Dear Parents

We cannot believe that the term is whizzing by so quickly. It’s the end of week 4 already! Perhaps this is because we have all been so busy participating in so many exciting things.Last Friday, Year 1 went to see the performance of ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ at the Theatre Royal and absolutely loved it. It was a super ending to a tiger influenced week.Children from Years 3 and 4 participated in a football tournament last weekend at Shoreham College. They worked brilliantly as a team supporting each other; especially as for some this was their first ever experience of a ‘real’ match. It was lovely to see such enthusiasm and passion and we are sure that they will have success in the future.On Monday, Mr Blond brought two members of Roedean staff to our Monday musical assembly. We learnt so many new skills.  We practised a speech from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Dr Barrand taught us how to juggle and Helen Peters who has had a number of children’s books published, read to us and shared useful tips about story writing.Year 3 visited Butser Ancient Farm this week to find out more about the Stone Age.  The children began their day in a smoky hut sitting on animal skins and made cordage, a chalk carving and acted as archaeologists digging in the pits, they had a fabulous day.The Upper school senior positions were announced on Tuesday and the children in Pier and Pavilion are bursting with pride and enthusiasm for their new roles of responsibility. Well done to every one of you for your superb letters and interviews we can’t wait to see what you do in your new roles.Today was our first Open day of the term, we always enjoy welcoming new families to Deepdene.We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Best Wishes

Mrs Gane, Mrs Mills and Ms Hayward