Dear Parents

We have spent a lot of time reflecting this week. Reflecting on the past and how that has shaped us today, reflecting on friendship and inclusion and reflecting on how we can be the best versions of ourselves in helping others.

Deepdene celebrated ‘Remembrance Day’ on Monday with a two minute silence. Each class also spent part of the day talking and learning about the significance of Remembrance. Year One embarked on a carousel of activities which included beautiful collage poppies, decorating cakes to look like poppies, making a medal for someone who has been brave and writing a letter of thanks to a family member for looking after them.

This week is ‘National Anti-Bullying’ week. Deepdene embraced this year’s theme ‘Change Starts With Us’ by wearing odd socks on Tuesday. The children were very pleased about this modification to their school uniform and laughed at the teachers’ socks and footwear throughout the day. The Reception children’s learning was based around the theme of friendship. They made friendship bracelets, wrote about all the different people who help them as well as writing a special message to their Talk Partner.

Today we marked ‘Children in Need’ by arriving at school in our Sport’s clothes. There were so many imaginative outfits entered in the school sport fashion show; runners, footballers, gymnasts, ballet dancers and even fusions of all of the above. The event was a huge success and we raised £130.  We would like to thank our Charity Ambassadors Fraser and Florian and Miss Kayleigh for organising this super event.

Can we please remind everyone that the children’s’ house badge needs to be displayed on their blazer at all times. The children are given a free badge when they started but if your child has lost it Miss Taylor will supply you with a new one at the cost of £2.50.

All the teachers are very much looking forward to meeting with you on Wednesday 20th November for Parents Evening. Please remember to book your appointment with Miss Taylor.We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Best Wishes

Mrs Gane, Mrs Mills and Ms Hayward