Dear Parents

We hope you are well, even though days are hard, it’s nice that the sun is shining.

We hope you have all received the first home learning pack and are able to access the activities provided.

We know how important it is to establish a routine to give a sense of normality at this difficult time. Completing work will also give your child a focus and a sense of satisfaction.

Please do send us any photos of home learning so that we can share them on our social media Facebook and Instagram, or photos of any creative activities your children may be doing with you.

Don’t forget to check in from time to time:-

Please remember that the teachers are still working hard to provide a remote education for the children of Deepdene and are therefore available Monday – Friday 9am-4.30pm for any questions that you or your child may have. The first form of contact is through the DB learning platform.


As a school we are trying to display in the windows of our homes, as many rainbows as possible. Please encourage your child to paint or colour a rainbow, display it in your window and send us a photograph of this. This is a lovely initiative that we would like our School to be involved in.

After speaking with all the teachers we know that they miss you and you are in their thoughts. They are even telling their families to put their hand up and take it in turns to speak, tuck in their shirts and be the best in everything that they do!

Please stay safe, keep positive and with warmest best wishes

Mrs Gane, Mrs Mills and Ms Hayward