Dear Children (and Parents)

Wow, you have all been so busy.  We are enjoying all the amazing things you are sharing with us on DB. We are so impressed with the hard work and effort you are putting into all the work set for you. As well as finding time to take part in extra activities, such as Mrs Watkins ‘Bookworm’ group and the Sport’s Department workout videos.

A huge well done to everyone including your parents who have suddenly become teachers too.

Don’t be frightened. You may hear some things that you are worried about but these are not worries for you. Tell someone you trust about your worry and let them look after it for you. You are doing a very important job, to help stop the virus.

There are some good things happening in the world. There is less pollution, people are talking to each other more and helping each other more.

We will continue to plan learning activities and the teachers are also setting up a virtual online learning tool for after the Easter holidays. In the meantime why not have a go at the ‘Holiday Homework’ set for each year group. This can be found in class emails sent to you by your class teacher.  Don’t forget to share with us any photos of activities you may be doing at home to put on our new Community Page on DB.

During the holidays the teachers will be very busy preparing your lessons for the start of next term.  More information will follow soon.

Tomorrow will be the first day of the Easter break and after all this hard work we hope you have a relaxing holiday.

The teachers and staff are thinking about you every single day and looking forward to the time when you can return to Deepdene, the amazing school that we all love and we will be so happy to welcome you back.

Stay safe everyone, work hard, try your best and be kind. Remember, we are only on “pause” but we will be back better, stronger and together soon.

Lots of Love

Mrs Gane, Mrs Mills and Ms Hayward