Dear Parents

We wish to extend to you a very warm welcome back to the start of the ‘virtual’ Summer Term. The feedback we have received regarding this new way of learning has so far been a positive one.

We understand that for many, children and parents alike the structure provided by formal online lessons has been very welcomed. We hope that there have not been too many technical glitches and that any minor problems have been resolved promptly. We know that both the children and teachers have been very excited to get together again.

We would like to convey to you that every Deepdene staff member has been extremely impressed by the behaviour, work ethic and cheerfulness of those children who are learning remotely at home. We hope that the structure which this learning is providing is helping the children to learn resilience, perseverance, independence and confidence in everything that they do. The teachers are also hugely grateful for the support you are giving in helping your children make the most of the new trilateral way of learning (Zoom, DB and class learning packs).

Although it is a priority at Deepdene to ensure that the children do not have gaps in their formal learning and continue to make progress it is also essential that they enjoy all aspects of life development. So, we suggest that a balance of time spent away from screens to exercise, to play and to show their creative flair and imagination is also high on the learning agenda. Please visit pages on the DB website (Sport, Art, Science, Music, History and Community pages) to give you extra-curricular ideas.

We understand that everybody’s circumstances are different and so we have not provided a full day’s formal timetable. We do suggest however that you create one with your child so that you are able to establish that balance between your child sitting at the computer in their Zoom lessons and getting up and moving around. Find out what works best for you and your own timetable. For those in Upper School working from 8.45am-3.00pm would be ideal. Slotting in those DB tasks and sports challenges for example between the Zoom lessons to create a range of tasks throughout the day and giving the children that sense of satisfaction at the end of the day knowing they have worked hard and now have ‘free’ time.

We would like to remind you that virtual school will be closed next Friday 8th May to observe the VE Day bank holiday. We did have exciting plans in school where we had an evacuee visiting and a ‘street party’ in the playground.

We would love for you to hold your own celebratory tea party and send us photos. How about dressing in red, white and blue for the day? Teachers will be talking to the children about the event and are being directed to the DB Community page as there as a tab all about it there. Some classes will also be making their own bunting during their art lesson.

We wish you a very pleasant weekend.

Best wishes
Mrs Gane, Mrs Mills and Ms Hayward