Dear Parents

The staff at Deepdene have been saddened by the death of George Floyd last month. The enormity of subsequent events across the world has caused us to pause and reflect on representation and behaviours within our own school community. The Deepdene School enriched curriculum consistently celebrates and represents diversity. However, we want to develop this further by broadening understanding about the multicultural world we live in. Our first job is to complete a book audit to ensure that there is a large percentage of representative fiction and non-fiction literature across the school including in the library. We would like to add to our already diverse collection by purchasing more representative texts for our school book collection. We are consistently re-evaluating our teaching and learning and will be scrutinising the current PSHE curriculum over the next year.

We are, as always, impressed with what the children achieve whether at home or at school. We want to share with you just some of the things they have been up to.

“There has been a lot of excitement in the Reception class this week. Mrs Mills discovered an odd looking egg in a nest on New Church Road. This discovery has stimulated the children’s learning to find all about oviparous animals. They have been using non-fiction books to sort, draw, and paint and research different types of creatures that lay eggs. They have designed and tested packages to transport real eggs. Can you guess how many eggs broke in transportation?”

“Year One have been busy at school. They have read Jack and the Beanstalk and enjoyed writing stories on beanstalks and planting their own magic seeds. This week they were excited to see that some of them have started to sprout…we wonder how tall they will grow…? The children have also been working on telling the time; ready to do some time-travelling next week…we will report back on what adventures we have had.”

“Year Two have worked so hard both in their Zoom lessons and afterwards. This week Ms Rosen was extremely proud of most of the class being able to tell the time to five minutes, and also at their incredible art work. Please take a look at their masterpieces in the Year two Art Gallery on DB.”

“Year Three have continued to work hard and show what a brilliant bunch of children they really are. This week they have had a go at finger spelling their name, performed their own poems and drawn shadows that they can see around them in their houses and gardens. They have thought about how to make shadows longer or shorter and darker or lighter.”

“This term Year Four have been writing ghost stories inspired by our class text,’ My Friend Walter’ by Michael Morpurgo. They have worked so hard and have produced such imaginative writing, reading aloud to each other with wonderful expression and fluency.”

“Year Five have been learning about ‘Francophonie’- all the countries in the world that have French as an official language. There are 49 in total!.”

“The Year Six Art topic is ‘Imaginary Worlds’ the children have been investigating superheroes in comic book art and cinema. They have been designing a superhero while watching Superman swooping to catch Lois Lane as she falls off a skyscraper!”

We are also pleased to award this week both Bodee and Etty, in Year Three, their gold award in the Year 3 Reading Challenge. This is a brilliant result meaning that you have both reached 50 points. Your medals are on their way to you. Keep reading!

We wish you a very pleasant weekend.

Best wishes
Mrs Gane, Mrs Mills and Ms Hayward