Dear Parents

It was wonderful to welcome everyone back on Monday morning. It really is one of the best parts of my day when I get to see all of the children. They all come in looking so happy and who wouldn’t want to be greeted by all those smiling faces. We are also so pleased to be fully open and to continue life at school as it was before half term.

As you will have seen we are now wearing masks at the points in the day when we welcome children in or see children off at home time. The children of course have adapted brilliantly to this and are very used to now seeing people with masks on.

Please can I give you one final reminder about Christmas card designs and pictures for the Deepdene calendar to come into school. Children can hand them in to their teachers.
The library team would like to extend their competition deadline to next Friday, 13th November, to write a short spooky story , entry for this is £1.

Official badges to show senior positions were handed out in Good Work assembly this week and all of the Year 5 and 6 children are now proudly displaying them on their blazers. We think they are all doing a fantastic job in their roles.

We had new members of the Deepdene community join us this week. We now have two school pet rabbits. The children are all very excited to spend time with them and we hope to put in place a lunch time club and also an after school club. More details and photos to follow!

Each child in the school has produced a poppy this week to create a whole school display for Remembrance Day. I have to say this looks stunning in the reception area opposite Miss Taylor’s desk, please see our social media accounts next week for photos. Creating the poppies gave us the opportunity to discuss what we are remembering and why. Upper school will observe the two minute silence on Wednesday.

Next Friday we will be raising money for Children in Need. We will wear our pyjamas and can pay extra for a longer playtime on this day. I’m sure this will have a great response and raise lots of money for this worthy cause.

We wish you a lovely weekend.

Mrs Gane and Ms Hayward