Dear Parents

Well, what a journey we have all been on in 2020. Who knew a year ago what lay ahead of us.

We have seen Deepdene through one of it’s most challenging years to date …. and in it’s long history it has certainly had a few.

We have felt so lucky to have been able to remain open this term. I don’t think Ms Hayward and I have ever ‘touched wood’ so often! Every Monday we are just relieved to be open for another week.

If anything good has come out of this past year, it has to be the incredible sense of community that all of you have shown towards Deepdene, and all of our staff.

We have managed to stay open because you have all pulled together, followed rules, worn face coverings, kept children at home if you were worried they may be ill and basically all worked together to keep all the children and staff safe. To witness such positivity from you all during such a difficult time has been inspiring. So, I thank you for this and all that you have individually done.

I hope you all enjoy a safe and happy Christmas with your amazing children.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a better 2021, and I look forward to welcoming all our families back in January 2021.

With warmest best wishes

Nicola Gane