Dear Parents

We hope that you were able to help your child in establishing a daily routine with a specific snack time and help them to organise their work so that it is easily accessible. We must ask again that children are not eating during live lessons. Please help your child in finding a time between lessons when this is more appropriate. They would certainly not be able to eat in lessons at school and time with teachers is precious. We find that if they are eating they are distracted and it distracts others. Thank you for your help with this.

The rabbits have a new two storey hutch which Mrs Willbridge has kindly painted and is looking great. I will put up a picture on the Community page on DB.

Eco club started this week and was well attended. We hope to have guest speakers and will be working towards our Green Blue Peter badge. All are welcome to attend so please do encourage your children.

Our Head Girl, Isabella has asked that we all take part in a challenge together. She would like for us to walk, run, cycle or scoot the distance between London and Paris, 342.87 km. Please email Isabella on DB, how far you travel every week and she will keep a log of the results. There are prizes for the child that travels the furthest and also the House that travels the furthest. Please email me photos and I will upload them to the DB page which is a tab on the Community page. We aim to cover the distance by the end of February.

Year 4 have been learning about sound in Science, pinging rubber bands, strumming guitars and clinking glasses filled with different levels of water. We are also studying temperature as part of our weather topic in Geography so we are dipping thermometers into cups of warm and cold water. It is so interesting to see how things work.

In Year 5 & 6 they’ve been finding out about the Sun, the Parker Space Probe and extra-terrestrial weather forecasts as well as embarking on a month of moon-watching. There are lots of related links on the DB Stem Lab page and the pupils have been discussing their learning on the forum and blog pages.

I was told this week that Rayaan and Safwaan are completing their own sponsored Reading Challenge and chores list in which they are raising money for the NHS. Well done, this is fantastic to hear about. Please keep us posted about how you get on.

On Wednesday 3rd February we will be taking part in Inside Out Day, as part of Children’s Mental Health week. This is an awareness campaign that aims to enable young people to start talking about their mental health. Upper School will come off timetable to take part in workshops and a yoga session and Lower School will be working on this with their teachers as well as having their own yoga and story session to support this. More details to follow.

I hope to see you all in the online quiz later. I think we will have lots of fun.

Have you given your song requests to Ms Rosen for the Disco?

Best wishes

Mrs Gane and Ms Hayward