Dear Parents

Thank you so much for helping the children dress as pirates on Friday. They all looked fantastic and raised an impressive £119 for Greenpeace. They really enjoyed finding out their new pirate name and listening to sea shanties.

We had a great start to the week with a visit from Tim Wade, our new brass teacher. The children were treated to Tim playing all sorts of instruments including the ‘teatrump’! He also blew into a garden hose which made a great sound. The children will now have the opportunity to learn a whole range of instruments during the school day.

Reception class also enjoyed a visit this week from a member of the London RNLI crew. Their Summer Term topic is Transport, so this week’s focus has been on transport in water.
They talked about important types of transport, in particular Lifeboats. Stan Todd AKA ‘Stormy Stan’, came in to talk to them about his job and what he does. He showed them his uniform and talked to them about being safe around water and what to do in an emergency. He also shared exciting stories about rescue missions he had been on and how he works with the Police, Fire and Ambulance services. Reception class are now designing a new Lifeboat for Stan and his crew. Stan is going to take the designs back to his crew and get back in touch to talk about the great ideas!

Year 5 enjoyed a great trip to Wakehurst on Wednesday despite the rain. They spent time looking at a selection of flowers through the microscopes and then had time to enjoy the grounds. This work supports their Science topic this term, Living Things and their Habitats.

Lots of the classes have been spending time at the Secret Garden, located behind St Leonards Church, to also support their Science learning. The Secret Garden is an award winning wildlife garden with raised beds growing a variety of vegetables, herbs and plants, a scented area, a wild area with a pond, shed, greenhouse and four bee hives. It is a fantastic local space for the children to visit.

All the classes have been enjoying spending time in the computer room using the new computers and Ms Rosen has now purchased microphones for the children to use. There is talk of a Deepdene radio station!

Next week we will be holding our annual House Maths competition. There will be lots of merits to be won as each class has representatives competing. Good Luck!

Have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend.

Best wishes
Mrs Gane and Ms Hayward