At Deepdene, knowing the unique and individual character of every child is central to our ethos and enables us to support and challenge our pupils to become the best versions of themselves. Teachers and staff contribute to the ethos of the school by developing a creative and inspiring environment which helps our pupils to develop a lifelong thirst for learning

  • Academic: To strive for the highest possible academic standards for all our pupils and to provide a high quality education for all.
  • Creativity and Opportunity: To provide a genuinely holistic education that is rich in both experience and opportunity and that does not compromise on the breadth of the curriculum.
  • Achievement: To celebrate pupil success and achievement in all aspects of school life and to create opportunity for every child to experience success.
  • Wellbeing: To provide a safe and happy environment where pupils love to learn and to teach pupils the importance of resilience and balanced, healthy approaches to their own wellbeing.
  • Responsibility:  To weave threads of tolerance, curtesy, empathy and respect across all aspects of school life and to develop pupils’ moral and spiritual awareness.  In doing this we aim to help our pupils understand the importance of positively contributing to both the school and the wider community and being active participants of society.
  • Behaviour and attitude: To help our pupils to become well mannered, disciplined and well behaved young people by promoting values of kindness, respect and consideration. We encourage pupils to develop an understanding of the importance of their own contribution to the school community and to learn to accept responsibility for their own actions.
  • Home-School Partnership: To develop productive long term relationships with pupils and their families to help every child reach their full potential.