Without compromising on high academic quality, we are proud of our broad and rich curriculum which offers creativity and opportunity for all through a genuinely holistic approach.

We offer a stimulating and highly structured curriculum that places a strong emphasis on the development of Literacy and Numeracy taught in inspiring and creative learning environments by enthusiastic and qualified teachers.   At Deepdene students are happy to learn and develop a life long love of learning as well as an enquiring mind.

Our carefully devised curriculum includes the following subjects: Literacy, Numeracy, Sciences, History, Geography, Religious Education, Personal Social and Health Education, Sport, Modern Foreign Languages, Latin, ICT, Art, Design Technology, Music, Drama and Dance.

There are many activities to choose from outside the classroom and everyone has the chance to perform in music or drama or play for one of our school teams. Our after school club provision is exciting and offers a wide range of opportunities for students to further develop their interests and talents.

Deepdene is a terrific environment to learn and ‘grow up’ in. At the very centre of all we have to offer is the happiness and personal development of each and every child. To fully capture the essence of what Deepdene is really about I absolutely welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your child and would be delighted to show you around the school. Please do enjoy our website but do come and visit.

Nicola Gane