Caroline Viney – Giving life a shape!

I was appointed Head of Art in September 2014 and am responsible for all art teaching at Key Stage 2: in other words Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

I have written a syllabus intended to develop pupil skills, creativity and imagination, encompassing a wide-ranging approach to visual material and techniques. Many and varied styles and eras of art, architecture and design are introduced to pupils, examples of which cover the Art Room walls. Each year group has a ‘Mood Board’ designed to reflect the topic that is changed each term. Pupils are introduced from the start to good quality art materials – such as proper drawing pencils and textured papers – so they can soon learn to recognise how decent materials can aid their technique and capability.

The Art Room is envisaged as a place for focus and tranquillity as well as magic, wonder and fun. Pupils are encouraged to view new techniques and approaches to art as a process of discovery, learning and joy! To this end, from Year 3 onwards all pupils are given a sketch book that they have to bring to every art class and can take home at weekends. The sketch book helps them to try out their ideas, to show them that much creativity is a process of trial and error and to not worry about making a self-perceived ‘mistake’. They can then proceed with increased confidence to their finished piece.

The children’s appreciation and love of art is further developed by Museum and Art Gallery trips for all year groups, many to London. These visits are carefully tailored to the topic under investigation for the term and not only provide a wonderful first-hand visual experience for pupils but also, it is very much hoped, encourage children towards a lifelong appreciation of the visual arts and the way artists represent the beauty of the world around them.

The Art Department at Deepdene recognises and fosters talent, and I am delighted to offer tuition and preparation for pupils deemed eligible for an Art Scholarship to their chosen Senior School. However, I am deeply committed to encouraging and developing the skills and confidence of ALL the children that come to my class, and am always thrilled by enthusiasm and willingness to try. Learning to look, to be aware of the world around them and to begin to see the different ways artists have tried to represent that world down the ages is of key significance to all pupils, regardless of ability.

‘The object of art is to give life a shape’.

Caroline Viney,

Head of Art