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Deepdene School to join Roedean group of schools

We are delighted to announce that Deepdene will be joining the Roedean Group of Schools from September 2017 as a partner school.

For the last year Roedean and Deepdene have been working together in partnership. Pupils and staff across the schools have benefited from joint activities and sharing of facilities. By joining the Roedean Group of Schools, this relationship is formalised for the benefit of current and future staff and pupils.

Oliver Blond, Executive Head of Roedean Group of Schools and Headmaster of Roedean, said: “We look forward to working with staff and pupils at Deepdene and sharing in the increased opportunities and extended training and development. Together the Roedean Group of Schools will provide an academically strong provision across a wider geographical area for the benefit of a greater number of pupils in the region.”

Please see the FAQ document for further information on this exciting development.

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Academic Results – Exciting News!

Academic Results – Exciting News!

At Deepdene, we are committed to striving for the highest possible academic standards.  We also consider it important to acknowledge the unique educational journey that every individual pupil makes.  To judge the academic success of our school, we focus closely, although not exclusively, on the core subjects of English and Mathematics and measure two key indicators: pupil attainment and pupil progress from their individual starting points.  By exploring both of these measures, pupil attainment and pupil progress, we hold ourselves accountable to our school community.  Ongoing teacher assessment takes place throughout the school year.  To supplement these teacher judgements, we also assess our pupils in Year 1 to 6 in externally marked tests (GL Assessment). Our most recent tests were administered in the second half of the Summer Term 2016.

Whole School Results of our externally marked assessments (GL Assessment), Summer Term 2016:

While almost every child is working at or above the national average, many pupils at Deepdene are working within the academic range of the top 10% of students nationally. For Mathematics, the percentage of our students who are working at this level is 31%, while in English, it is even higher, at 41%. This means that almost half of our Literacy pupils and one third of our Mathematics pupils are within the top 10% in the country.

In terms of pupil progress, our pupils across the school in both English and Mathematics have performed extremely well.  Measured against the tests which the children sat in December, in both subjects almost every pupil in the school has made the expected progress, and the few exceptions to that were mainly due to the special circumstances of particular children. Not only that, but in Literacy over half of the cohort had made either “Higher Progress than Expected” or “Much Higher Progress than Expected”, while in Mathematics this figure was a massive 61%.

End of Key Stage 2 Results of our externally marked assessments (GL Assessment), Summer Term 2016:

Year 6 marks the end of Key Stage 2.  The performance of this year’s cohort in their externally assessed tests at the end of this key stage is extremely impressive. In Mathematics, over 80% and in English, a full 100% of pupils achieved scores above the national average. An incredible 54% of our Year 6 pupils achieved scores that placed them within the top 10% of pupils nationally in English.  

In terms of pupil progress as measured by the assessments, every single pupil in both English and Mathematics has made expected or even higher than expected progress this year. For a non-selective school these are truly excellent results.

We offer huge congratulations to all of our pupils who have worked so hard to achieve such wonderful results.  Our dedicated teachers must also be thanked for the enormous commitment and support they have shown this year.  Well done, Deepdene!

To find out more about how Deepdene could help your child’s studies, click here to request a brochure or book a visit.


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Ofsted Visit Summer 2016

Ofsted Visit Summer 2016

Deepdene children are “polite, articulate and very respectful of visitors” and year 6 Pupils “perform at a considerably higher level than pupils of the same age in other schools”.

We were thrilled to welcome back Ofsted inspectors earlier this year, and are delighted to share with you the positive report which followed:

Dear Parents,

As you are aware from correspondence at the end of last term, on 6th July 2016 the school was visited by an Ofsted inspector for our anticipated progress monitoring inspection.   This visit followed the school’s full inspection in October 2015.  A progress monitoring inspection is always unannounced; however, we were very much hoping that our visit would take place before the end of the academic year and were delighted to welcome the inspector on his arrival.

Ofsted does not publish reports during school holidays; therefore, we were not able to disseminate any information until now.  With the report being published tomorrow, we are happy to be in a position to share the inspector’s findings with you.  We attach the full progress monitoring report for you to read.

We are extremely pleased with the outcomes of the inspection and feel that many statements made in the report are a much more accurate reflection of our school:

  • The wellbeing of our pupils is paramount to all staff at Deepdene.  We are pleased that in this report Ofsted has now publicly acknowledged that the safeguarding of pupils is a “strength of the school” and that leaders “exercise their duties skillfully and in a timely manner.”
  • Pupil progress and pupil outcomes are another key priority for our school.  We are delighted that Ofsted has addressed this in the progress monitoring inspection report.  During the course of the inspection, the lead Ofsted inspector found that our teachers assess “accurately” against “age-related expectations nationally in English and Mathematics”.  At the time of the visit we were able to share our end of Key Stage 2 results with the inspector who subsequently stated in the report that Deepdene pupils “perform at a considerably higher level than pupils of the same age in other schools.”  This has always been a priority for the school and we are delighted that this has now been recognised and is reflected in the report.
  • Regarding pupil behaviour, the Ofsted inspector confirmed that “All staff contributed to an over-arching atmosphere in the school which encourages pupils to behave extremely well” and that “Pupils are polite, articulate and very respectful of visitors.”  Once again, we feel that this is a more accurate reflection of our school.

These are just extracts from the full report which is attached, but they do reflect the positive feedback we received from Ofsted both during and after the inspection.  The DfE has written to us to confirm that we have met all regulatory standards and that they require no further action from the school. We will, as we always do, continue to strive for improvements in all areas of school life and we warmly thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Brown, Nicola Gane and Katherine Croucher

Headteacher, Head of Nursery and Deputy Headteacher

Click here to read the full report. 

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Deepdene Parents’ Association Summer BBQ

Deepdene Parents’ Association Summer BBQ

We were thrilled to have the Deepdene Parents’ Association organise a wonderful summer BBQ on Friday 10th June.

What an amazing evening it was!  It was so wonderful to see so many well behaved children (and parents!) having such a lovely time in the disco, enjoying the face painting and generally having fun.

A very big thank you to all the parents involved, particularly Lara Bowen and Tara Graham, without whom the evening would probably not have happened.

Everyone was working so hard, the chefs on the BBQ, the bar staff, DJ’s and all involved in making this evening the success it was.

We were so lucky that the weather stayed fine, there was a lovely atmosphere and we will definitely repeat the evening next Summer.

I’m sure we are all looking forward to the next event organised by the Deepdene Parents’ Association! 

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Bugsy Malone – The Argus Review!

Bugsy Malone – The Argus Review!

This is Louise Flind’s review of Deepdene’s Bugsy Malone production. It was published in The Argus on Friday 17th June 2016:

“Deepdene School’s Bugsy Malone was a win-win. A winning piece and a winner.

Bugsy Malone was after all written for children and Deepdene didn’t disappoint in delivering brilliantly choreographed chaos – no mean feat for a bunch of seven to 11-year-olds.

Hats off to director Zoe Ash and her choreographer Ellie Marshall, who kept the movement relatively simple, yet with a fabulous soundtrack played by Nadia Bunker (keyboards), Darius Behdad (guitar) and Alex Barron (drums), the whole package was great.

Bugsy Malone is a slapstick spoof of 1930s gangland America, set in New York, and the Rialto provided a perfect location – a (very hot) hotspot.

The cast sweated it out. Lewis Prescott shone as Bugsy Malone, especially when using a microphone in Down And Out while Isabel Brice sang adorably as Blousey Brown.

My Name Is Tallulah was foxily delivered by Mollie Bishop – mind out Jodie Foster – and Baby Face was the genuine article.

It’s unfair to single out cast members – what made the evening so special was the entire troupe set against projected shots of old New York.

The finale was a show-stopper.”

Click here to read the review on The Argus website.

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The Deepdene Chess Team Enter National Competition

The Deepdene Chess Team Enter National Competition

The Deepdene contest to win the Delancy UK Schools Chess Challenge Trophy is underway!

The first round, with 12 budding chess players taking part, took place at Deepdene on Friday 22nd January. Following rounds will take place over the next 6 weeks. Strict contest rules are adhered to with the 6 matches being adjudicated by Mr Gane.

All children received a super contest badge to wear. On each badge there is space to add gold spots as various levels of points are achieved.

The overall victor will win the UK Schools Chess Challenge Trophy. Those achieving 17 points will go on to a Megafinal, one of several to be held in April/May – venue and date to be announced.

Congratulations to Noah in year 1 for securing a very good draw against Sid Hyland who is 2 years his senior!

Points are accumulated as follows:

Win – 3 points

Draw – 2 points

Lost – 1 point

Bye (If an opponent is absent) – 3 points

Absent – 0

The first round results are as follows:

Deepdene Delancy Chess first Round


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A Dramatic Turn for Deepdene!

A Dramatic Turn for Deepdene!

The below was taken from The Argus on January 13th 2016:


“Deepdene School in Hove, already renowned for its academic success, is celebrating becoming a registered centre for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art after pupils returned outstanding results.

The School, an independently owned co-educational nursery and prep school for children aged six months to 11 years, can now hold private LAMDA examinations at its base in New Church Road.

The first entry of 12 students achieved 10 distinctions and two merits, to the delight of headteacher Elizabeth Brown.

She said: “I’m extremely proud. We’ve seen first-hand what an important role drama can play in inspiring young learners, teaching them how to express themselves, boosting confidence and giving them the skills to succeed in all areas of life.

“Extensive studies prove that students involved in the the arts tend to have higher academic performance and better standardised test scores. This correlation is very much in evidence at Deepdene.

“Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on the development of literacy and numeracy, taught in small class sizes in an inspiring creative learning environment where students develop a life-long love of learning. Our speech and drama classes are an important part of this culture.”

Founded in 1948 as a privately owned and managed school, Deepdene remains truly independent, managed by joint proprietors Nicola Gane and Elizabeth Brown.

Last year all Year 6 students earned places at their chosen school, many with scholarships awarded in academic, art, sport, dance and acting.

Additionally, Deepdene’s head girl was awarded the prestigious Headmaster’s Award and Sussex Scholarship to Roedean.

For many parents, however, what makes the school extra special is the way the children are prepared not only for educational success but for a happy life, too.

One parent said: “In every class our daughter has always loved coming to school, has made friends and has got so much from all the activities.

“Deepdene has done so much more with her than we could have done at home and we really feel that by sending her to Deepdene we have given her the best start in life possible.”

From the earliest years at Deepdene there are opportunities for pupils to participate in plays. It also provides after school clubs and musical theatre classes on Saturday Afternoon.

Recently some of the school’s pupils performed in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, at the Old market Theatre Brighton, while others performed at the Brighton open Air Theatre in The Merry Wives of Windsor, a professional production. A big year is planned in 2016 with the Springboard Festival, a speech and drama competition in March, followed by the school’s next production Bugsy Malone at Brighton’s Rialto Theatre.

“We’re very excited about year ahead” said Mrs Brown. “We feel Deepdene is a special place to learn but also to grow up in. To get a true impression of our school you need to visit and meet us. We always take the time to show prospective parents around.””

If you would like to find out more about what Deepdene could offer your child, click here to request a brochure or book a visit!





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Beach Hut Advent Calendar

Beach Hut Advent Calendar

The Beach Hut Advent Calendar is now an annual event in the School calendar and one of the highlights of the Autumn Term. It takes place during Advent and involves a Winter themed art exhibition and carol singing by the School Choir. This special event happens at a beach hut on Hove seafront. Mulled wine and mince pies add to the festive atmosphere. The event and it’s organisers have even caught the Prime Minister’s attention….click here to read more!

Deepdene Advent Calendar



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Hockey Vs Roedean

Hockey Vs Roedean

An excellent afternoon of hockey was held at Roedean for Years 4, 5 and 6 against Roedean’s Year 7 Team.

Although we lost the match 5 – 2, the girls played very well against stiff, older opposition and enjoyed themselves immensely.

Special mention goes to Maelona Rees and Leola Grobbolaar who were chosen as the girls of the match for their guidance and for explaining and showing their fellow players where to go. Not to mention their fantastic motivation throughout the match!

Well done, everyone!

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Football Vs. Shoreham College

Football Vs. Shoreham College

I am pleased to report, on 19th November we played two friendly matches against Shoreham College. The B Team won their game 3-1 which was an absolutely fantastic achievement – a big well done boys!!

The A team unfortunately conceded 4 goals in the first half against stiff opposition but managed to claw back 2 goals in the second half, learning from previous experience in the first half.

Well done everyone!

Deepdene Football Shoreham College

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