Sunflowers - 6 months to 2 years

Sunflower room
Sunflower room
Sunflower room


Our Sunflowers enjoy a busy, stimulating day in our large, attractive room in the excellent care of Miss Sophie, Miss Becca and Miss Kayleigh.

They are trained and experienced nursery practitioners who will ensure that your little one’s start at Deepdene is a happy and positive one. Time will be taken to make sure you feel relaxed and confident when you leave. You will be safe in the knowledge that your baby’s needs will be fully met at all times throughout their day, until you arrive back to pick them up. At which time you will receive verbal feedback about your baby’s day. Sophie, Becca and Kayleigh will always share with you what your little one has been up to as well as giving you a written daily activity sheet.

Settling a baby into nursery is not something to be rushed. The girls have plenty of expertise in this area to ensure a positive experience for you and your baby. Because of work pressures we fully understand that some parents may have a small window of time to settle their baby, whilst others are able to spend longer. You and your baby’s settling in time is unique and will be tailored to suit both your needs.

Your little one will have the advantage of being in a small group of similar aged babies with experienced, interacting staff. Whether it is because you are returning to work, or perhaps you feel socially and developmentally they need the stimulation of mixing with other babies, with Sophie, Becca and Kayleigh they will have a lovely day.

They will be encouraged to play, share and develop both their speech and physical skills. Our sessions include “Miss Jenny’s Jolly Music Group” , “Baby French Class”, “Soft Play Fun” as well as body painting, cooking, water/sand/rice play, playdough and lots of time in our Toddler Adventure Garden.

Nappies, baby wipes, milk and home cooked lunches/teas are included in our fees making Deepdene extremely good value for money.

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