Ladybirds & Butterflies - 2 to 3 years

Deepdene nursery
Deepdene Nursey
Deepdene Nursey

When our children are ready at around two years old (we move our children when they are developmentally ready), they enter our Lower Nursery. Ladybird and Butterfly are run by Miss Lucy, Miss Georgina, Miss Emma and Miss Jessie. They are experienced practitioners who keep the children stimulated, busy and happy, incorporating a little more structure into the nursery day.

Our two to three year olds will experience a range of activities including sand/water/rice, painting and model making and plenty of creative activities often linked to our “Themes”. The children will continue with French, music and cooking. They will be learning the all important lesson of playing and sharing with their peers; Lucy, Georgina, Emma and Jessie make sure they are always nearby to model and support this. Great emphasis is also placed on their language development through stories, circle times and singing familiar songs and rhymes.

Our active two to three year olds do not spend their day in one room, they are able to take full advantage of our School building. They can use the hall for PE, soft play, dance and music sessions, particularly important for children who spend all day with us.

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