Maths is taught across the School by two inspiring teachers.

Katharine Gann is Head of Maths and oversees numeracy across the School. She is ably aided by Ms Keren Rosen, who looks after Lower School Numeracy. In particular Katharine Gann is responsible for Upper School Numeracy and for teaching Maths to Years 4, 5 and 6, which means there is a consistency to how Maths is taught across the Upper School and enables the teacher to get to know the children really well as well as seeing them through to their secondary education. Mrs Gann is also the Year 5 form tutor.

Mrs Gann says “being numerate is such a fundamental life skill and our pupils at Deepdene enjoy their lessons, as we aim to plan engaging, practical and interesting sessions. Times tables can be made memorable and fun through the use of actions and games and practical resources can make the abstract become concrete. I encourage the question ‘When would I use this in real life?’ to put real world meaning into the skills children learn. As teaching staff, we look out for ways to link cross-curriculum with other subjects. A recent example being a Year 5 trip to Legoland, where pupils applied mathematics, science, and ICT to program robots modelled on the Mars Rover”

Ms Keren Rosen is Maths leader for the Lower School (Years 1, 2 and 3) and is similarly passionate about teaching Maths at Deepdene. Keren Rosen says “The children in my class say that I bring ‘fun’ to school and a parent has said that their child ‘skips into school because they love it so much!’ I am very proud to be a member of staff at such a wonderful school where all the children thrive!