Nursery Parent, May 2020:

‘My little boy has been at Deepdene Nursery a year now and loves it! Not only does he enjoy going, but the progress he has made in that amount of time, is phenomenal. When he started (age 3) he could say a total of 15 words and no sentences! In the year he has been at Deepdene he can speak fluently and doesn’t need to go to speech therapy anymore. The staff are caring, nurturing and so supportive in every aspect and nothing is too problematic. My son has such a sense of belonging at nursery and it’s so lovely to hear all the lovely things he’s been doing in the day. Your child doesn’t just join a nursery they join a community- and it’s the feel you and your child get as soon as you walk through the door. I feel safe in the knowledge that he has been given the best start in life.’

Nursery Parent, February 2020:

‘No doubt about it whatsoever, the Nursery at Deepdene is one of the best decisions I have made for my child.
They have an extremely low staff turnover which provides stability for the children as well as for us parents. I absolutely cannot fault the teachers and staff. They are attentive, interactive and are very caring with the children. Deepdene always ensures that the parents feel included into their ‘family’, as we are always greeted with a friendly, smiley face!
My daughter has quickly grasped the nursery’s academic curriculum that they have in place. She has shined academically since she started there, as well as creatively. And I can’t thank them enough for nurturing her new-found skills.
I would highly recommend this Nursery to anyone in search of quality early years child education for their children or grandchildren.

Nursery Parent, February 2020:

‘We found Deepdene on recommendation from a work colleague. We couldn’t be happier here. The nursery staff have been so amazing with our little boy, treating him like family. He is so happy to go to nursery every morning and it makes it so much easier to go to work. The team really work with you to ensure you have the kind of coverage you need. Everyone is so kind and helpful and friendly, we cannot recommend Deepdene enough.’

Nursery Parent, February 2020:

‘As a new Mum of two, I have worried about the impact of that transition on Joey at only two years of age. Especially to ensure he is getting enough attention at home to allow him dedicated 1-1 time to play and discover and learn. Now with an 8 month old sister who is crawling, standing and demanding as much attention as him, I have hoped that from Ladybird class he is provided with the space and dedicated caring staff to allow him that for the time he is there.

As a teacher myself I know how little time you have but today in her busy morning Miss Jessie gave me the opportunity to check in with her regarding Joeys progress and attitude whilst at Nursery. She reassured me about the various developments that they were all witnessing from when he had first started. She also gave me an update on the day-to-day activities he was enjoying, surprised me by telling me Joey finds the strength to actually sit still for the register time and is engaged nicely with the arts and crafts and messy play they have on offer.

I have had no doubt that he enjoys coming to Deepdene Nursery; the very fact that he now races into the room in the mornings and recites all of the staff members names on the way home when I collect him, is indication to me. However to hear how he actually gets on and behaves in the classroom during his mornings is invaluable and I came away feeling even more positive that he is in kind, caring, professional and experienced hands.

Miss Jessie is a brilliant, assertive, personable, and nurturing member of staff as are so many of the other staff that have helped and supported Joey and even helped me as I struggle with both babies on drop off and collection. In particular, thank you to Miss Kayleigh who has taken care of Joey when he was unwell, Miss Emma for helping Joey to settle in, her obvious innate kindness, warm happy welcomes and the staff who creatively set up the engaging activities and exploration areas, some of which I have got to experience with Joey at the Friday drop in sessions.

I couldn’t possibly personally list all of the staff but I am truly grateful for their support of Joey…

Thank you Ladybirds for creating a safe space for him to grow and for providing him with the appropriate stimulation to develop and learn even further.’