A Broad and Exciting Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the school’s aims, with the emphasis on learning, wherever possible, from first-hand experience, not only developing our pupils’ potential, but allowing them to enjoy the creative process of learning.  Small classes are delivered a wide-reaching curriculum by innovative teachers in a supportive environment.

In the Lower School (Reception – Year 3) the children benefit from specialist teaching in Art, Sport, Music Drama, French and Dance.

In the Upper School (Years 4 – 6) further specialist teaching ensure confident and active learners in the following subjects: Maths, English, History, Languages and STEM.

Children learn languages from an early age at Deepdene, starting with French in the Nursery, picking up Spanish in Year 3 and then Latin in Years 5 & 6.

Experiential Learning

New in 2020, our STEM Lab at the heart of the school is packed with equipment, light and space.  The children are able to approach Science, Maths and Technology with the kinds of hands-on learning that we know allows for the best outcomes.

Less than ten-minutes’ walk from Hove Lagoon and the beach, at Deepdene Prep we have plenty of resources on our doorstep that we regularly tap into to encourage experiential learning, including the nearby Secret Garden where the children are encouraged to explore the world around them to support their work in Science, and recently encapsulated by our Teach on The Beach initiative, where we take each class at least once per term for a lesson on the beach – whether that is for Geography, Science or Art.