The Role of our School Houses

At Deepdene there are four school houses and every child and member of staff is assigned to a house. Houses are named after Sussex castles: Arundel, Bodiam, Herstmonceux and Lewes. Houses meet regularly for house meetings at which the pupils plan fundraising activities, learn about their chosen charities for the year and discuss other house business. These meetings are led by our House Captains (senior students) and help to create a sense of house identity and community across the year groups.

Recently, we have made our rewards system more robust by linking it to our House system.
Healthy competition plays a key role in our house system and the pinnacle of the house calendar takes place when the Deepdene house cup is awarded to the house with the most house points. House points are awarded throughout the year: the annual Spelling Competition, the annual Maths Competition, house fundraising events, money raised through the half termly collection of pupils’ matchboxes, our hugely popular Sports Day and pupil participation in competitions across the year all contribute points to the House Cup totals.

Pupils’ merits are now linked to the Deepdene house cup. For every merit a pupil receives, a house point is awarded towards the pupil’s house cup total. House points are now tracked on a weekly basis and displayed in the school hall for all pupils to see. House point totals are communicated to parents through the weekly bulletin so that parents and pupils alike can cheer on their house!


Older children from Upper School are able to apply for Roles of Responsibility, such as Head Girl, Head Boy, Head of School Council and Head of Sport. These roles represent the voice of the Deepdene student body. They can also apply for a role as Charities Ambassador, as the children undertake a lot of fundraising, and each House has its own chosen charity. The children become very proud to have a voice and a part to play in the day-to-day running of the school.