GL Assessment Results 2019

To judge the academic success of our school, we focus closely, although not exclusively, on the core subjects of English and Mathematics and measure two key indicators: pupil attainment and pupil progress from their individual starting points. By exploring both of these measures, pupil attainment and pupil progress, we hold ourselves accountable to our school community. Ongoing teacher assessment takes place throughout the school year. To supplement these teacher judgements, we also assess our pupils in Year 1 to 6 in externally marked tests (GL Assessment). Our most recent tests were administered in the Summer Term 2019.

Results of externally marked assessments (GL Assessment) in English and Mathematics, Summer Term 2019:

The results of the GL Assessment Progress Tests administered in the Summer Term of 2019 demonstrate that the school is fulfilling its aim of achieving excellent academic standards. Nationally, it is common for schools to analyse and publish school test results for the end of the primary key stages: Key Stage 1 ends in Year 2 and Key Stage 2 ends in Year 6. At Deepdene, our externally assessed tests at the end of these key stages show that an impressive 100% of our Year 2 cohort achieved or exceeded the national average score in Mathematics in 2019. Furthermore, 100% of our Year 6 cohort achieved or exceeded the national average score in English in 2019. Science is assessed nationally in Year 6 and Deepdene’s externally marked tests in Science show that 100% of our pupils also achieved or exceeded the national average score in this curriculum subject.

When evaluating the externally marked tests of our entire school community from Years 1 to 6 (not just restricting the data to end of key stages), an impressive 87% of our pupils worked at or above the national average in English whilst in Mathematics, 80% of our pupils (Years 1 to 6) reached this standard. As a non-selective school, we are incredibly proud of these results.
While almost every child at Deepdene is working at or above the national average, many pupils in our school far exceed these expectations and are working within the academic range of the top 10% of pupils nationally according to our GL Assessment results. 71% of our Year 6 pupils achieved end of Key Stage 2 test results that placed them within the top 10% of pupils nationally for the GL Assessment Progress Test – hugely impressive – and 36% achieved a position within the top 2% nationally: another wonderful result.

We offer huge congratulations to all of our pupils who have worked so hard to achieve such wonderful results. Our dedicated teachers must also be thanked for the enormous commitment and support they have offered to gain these results. Well done, Deepdene!