Pupils in Reception to Year 6 are awarded merits for a range of achievements including classwork of a high standard, excellent homework, positive behaviour and actions which are seen to uphold the school’s 5 golden rules.  Merit totals are displayed in every classroom.  Both coloured badge and end of year certificate systems operate as part of the merits system by tracking and celebrating the total number of merits awarded to individual pupils each year.

Postcards Home

Pupils in Reception to Year 6 can be awarded postcards home in celebration of behaviour and actions that uphold the school’s 5 Golden Rules.  These postcards are colour coded to match the colours of the Golden Rules as displayed throughout the school.  As a further incentive, golden tickets are issued with every postcard home.  These are entered into the Golden Pot Prize Draw at the end of every term and prizes are issued in a celebration assembly during which the golden tickets are selected at random.

Academic Awards

Academic certificates for both achievement and effort across the curriculum are awarded at the end of the Michaelmas term and Trinity term for pupils in all year groups.  Class and subject teachers nominate pupils for these awards and they are formally awarded in a celebration assembly at the end of term.  Additional certificates are awarded for participation in school events and competitions throughout the school year.