Combining the highest academic standards with an expansive and exciting holistic education, Deepdene creates an environment where children want to be, and parents are confident to leave them in our care – we offer a bespoke education where every single child feels nurtured and valued, and, most importantly, that their voice matters.

At Deepdene, learning extends well beyond the classroom.  Click here to read the Headteacher’s Weekly News which will give you an insight into school life at Deepdene. The Prep Facebook page is another great way to see what’s happening day to day.


A Virtual Tour

In this video, join a range of pupils on a tour through the school, from Nursery up to Year 6.  The best way to get a sense of the atmosphere and ethos of Deepdene Prep & Nursery is to visit in person, but please do watch the Virtual Tour and the rest of the video series below, as the next best thing.


Discover the Curriculum

At Deepdene Prep & Nursery, a rigorous academic education together with a focus on experiential learning and a holistic ethos allows children to feel nurtured, challenged and supported.  Hear from our Head of School and the Head of STEM at Deepdene to find out more about the curriculum at Deepdene Prep & Nursery.


Teach on the Beach

Watch this snapshot of our new Teach on the Beach initiative, where each yeargroup has a lesson on the beach every half-term, using the amazing resource on our doorstep as an opportunity for hands-on learning.